Signal facing technical difficulties after downloaded by million users

Signal has become a popular messanging application after WhatsApp’s new Privecy Policy update which was not liked by many users. Signal is just only 15000 downloads per day but suddenly millions of users has downloaded it. Only in india, there were 3 Millions plus downloads of Signal Application


Two days ago on friday, Signal facing global Outae after downloaded by millions of users. Users are not able to send any messages from the Mobile Application and Desktop Application. We found the post on twitter, Posted by signal twitter official page they said

Source: twitter

All the users of signal are getting message on there mobile app “Signal is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working hard to restore service as quickly as possible”.

Signal app faced outage due to millions of new users and elon musk was arround to troubleshoot

Source: twitter

Signal said soon all the services will be back online very soon you do not have to worry they are going to add more new servers so in the future this won’t happen again.

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