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Best ways to free up your hard drive space on Windows 10

Best ways to free up your hard drive space on Windows 10

Want to clear the hard drive space of your Windows? Take a look at these steps to clear safely the Windows file and folder.

Windows contain lots of temporary files and folders that you don’t need. Let’s go through the steps to remove the windows files that are totally safe to remove to free up disk space and why you might want to erase them.

# Option 1 : The Best Way to Clean Windows Hard Drive: Disk Cleanup
hard drive space

The Windows Disk Cleanup tool helps you to clean the windows files and is simple to use. You can open this option by searching Disk Cleanup in the Start Menu. Also, you can open it using the run dialog box you just need to open the run box using the Windows+R key and type the cleaner command on the run dialog box.

There is a second option, you can go to the windows Setting>System>Storage and click on Free up space now to use it.

windows storage

#Option 2 : Delete Windows Temp files

As you know that Windows temporary files are not important. The files and folder inside contain information that windows used at one time but does not need anymore. You can delete this folder and file by selecting all Crtl+A to select everything and then hit delete. The same process you can use for %temp% and Prefetch folder. Also, you can use C-Cleaner software to delete the temp file.

windows temp file
#Option 3 : Delete Windows.old Folder

Whenever you upgrade your windows version, the system keeps a copy of your old files called windows. old. This folder holds everything that made up your old installation. If you want to roll back to the previous version of Windows those files can help you.
Windows automatically remove this folder after a short time when the new updates come. But you can remove it yourself if you want to increase the windows space.

 but you can remove it yourself if you’re crunched for space. It won’t delete if you try to go through the File Explorer, so type Disk Cleanup into the Start Menu and launch the tool as described earlier.

Click Clean up system files at the bottom of the window and let the utility do another scan. Once that’s done, look for the Previous Windows installation(s) and delete it using this tool.

#Option 4 : Delete Recycle Bin Files and Folder
delete recycle bin data

Whenever you delete any files and folders on your computer, Windows stores them on Recycle Bin. This is special storage where deleted files are kept until you permanently delete them, You can recover them when you need them. You can access the recycle bin from your desktop. if you don’t have the icon on your desktop you can open it by typing shell: RecycleBinFolder into the file explorer navigation bar. You can right-click on an individual item and choose and Delete it permanently.

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